Central Library

We have a huge library with thousands of Journals, Books, Magazines, Digital & E-learning Tools. All the library has good seating with air conditioner system.

Lush Green Campus

The college has a pollution-free and impressive lush green campus with green surroundings, beautiful flower-beds and elegant landscaping all around.

AC Auditorium

We have a huge Auditorium with varying seating capacity which is created to organize various Cultural and Academic Events. The Auditorium is well-equipped with advanced Audio-Video & Lighting Systems.


The pharmacy college has sports facilities including Football, Cricket, Tennis Court, Volleyball, Lawn Tennis, Badminton Courts, Basketball Courts, Carom & other Indoor games.


We have hundreds of students from all across India live in hostel premises, which is ‘a home away from home’. We have a separate facilities for girls and boys, and tight security ensures a pleasant and secured stay.

Computer Facility

We have the best IT Infrastructure with over 50 Computers. Students Practice Online with Wi-Fi, (24×7) Connectivity with 45 Mbps Leased Line.

Medical Facility

Each hostel is offered with necessary first-aid facilities. The college offers free first-aid to all the students in the college campus during the working hours. Well-qualified physicians are available in the close proximity to provide good and prompt medical facility.


The cafeteria is an integral part of our pharmacy college, which provides nutritious, wholesome & homely food to all students living in hostel, faculty & staff members round the clock.